BerniePB Help

What is Phone Banking?

Phone banking is one of the most powerful things any of us can do to support Bernie's 2020 presidential bid. It is fundamentally very simple:

  1. Volunteers call registered voters.
  2. Volunteers warmly ask a few questions from a script (e.g. "Do you plan to vote? Who do you support?").
  3. Responses are relayed to organizers who use the info to effectively engage voters in their local community.

You also get to chat with undecided voters who may not know about Bernie or our movement!

Why BerniePB?

Voter ID calls are an essential part of an efficient field operation, as they allow volunteers to rapidly gather information about voters in a community which can then be used by the campaign to efficiently direct on-the-ground volunteer efforts. While this is great, our thinking was that if we're going to be making all of these calls, we might as well have fun and build community among callers while doing it. After all, fun is motivating, and we heard from plenty of folks during the last primary that BerniePB and the wider Bernie calling community were an essential part of keeping them active and volunteering!

Phone banking + Fun = BerniePB

BerniePB brings phone banking and fun together by providing a platform where callers can engage each other in friendly competition while doing meaningful work for the Bernie Sanders campaign. The game currently boasts leaderboards, rank and badge unlocks, achievements, team formation, a live map (that shows calls as they happen), and more!