BerniePB Help

Frequently Asked Questions

My calls aren't being recorded. What's the issue?

Try the following troubleshooting tips:

  • Double-check that you are logged in to (check the top bar).
  • Navigate to chrome://settings/content/cookies (on Chrome) and make sure "Allow sites to save and read cookie data" is set (or create an exception just for

    On Firefox, go to Preferences -> Privacy & Security, and make sure that similar settings are chosen for website cookies.

  • If you have uBlock Origin or a similar extension (that blocks sites from "calling home" to their home server), you should disable it for BerniePB.
  • If your call tally in the white extension popup isn't updating, try hitting the refresh button in the top right corner.

If problems still persist, try e-mailing the developers. Be sure to mention which calling tool you're using (e.g. ThruTalk/LiveVox, OpenVPB), what issue you're facing, and how long it's been affecting you (recently, since you signed up, etc).

Do I make calls on this website?

BerniePB is not used for making calls or saving responses to phone banking calls. You should click on one of the phone bank tiles on our front page to start making calls from the comfort of your home. Our website simply makes it easier to track the number of calls you've made, and has many features that intend to gamify phone banking and make it fun!

Why aren't my calls showing up on the live map?

There are a number of potential explanations for this. To successfully animate a call on the live map, we need to have an origin and destination between which to draw the "laser". Without getting into the weeds, if we are unable to derive an origin and/or destination ZIP code for a call, the origin and/or destination will be from the catch-all "world" icon in the bottom right of the map. Given that and that there can be differing latencies between when you record a call and when it gets animated, if you are certain something is wrong shoot us an email and we'll try to figure it out ASAP!

Does this site cover all calls being made by all volunteers?

It does not. We're only covering the calls made by users who are logged into our site and have our extension installed while phone banking. If you know volunteers who might be interested in gamifying phone banking or tracking their call numbers, though, you should definitely recommend BerniePB to them!

Is this website open-source?

We have a private GitHub repo. It's been kept private so that the extension-related code cannot be abused to increase call numbers unfairly. Unfortunately, this is a flaw of using a browser extension to tally calls. However, since campaigns generally don't have a public stream of calls being made (and who made them), the extension is the only option we have.

If you're interested in contributing to our repo, email one of the developers and we'll get in touch!

Are you selling my data?

No. We are very careful to not expose personally identifiable information (e-mails, ZIP codes) to third parties. We're not looking to make any money off of this site's usage or your data, we just want to do our part to grow the movement by making volunteering fun! That said, you're welcome to delve into the details, which can be found in our privacy policy.